Happy Tappers Perform “Cups” by Anna Kendrick

I’m always on the lookout for creative tap dance videos. I love the choreography in this video, performed to “Cups” by Anna Kendrick. It’s so fun hearing the “Cups” rhythm performed by tap shoes! The dancers have awesome port de bras and stage presence, all while keeping clear sounds. Bravo!


TenduTalk Survey…

Here on TenduTalk, I’m always “talking” to you dancers.  But recently, I issued a survey to several dancers to see some of their views.  Here are some of the responses I received:

My dancers liked dance companies from all over!  Here is a map of where their favorite companies are located.  Check it out!


The verdict was mixed on competitions.  Less than half competed as a child.  Image

Many of my respondents were dance majors in college:


Most dancers started dancing in pre-school.  Wow!


Many of the dancers I surveyed lived on the East Coast.


They also loved different choreographers, but Balanchine and Fosse were definitely fan favorites.


Such an interesting survey!  When did your love of dance start?  Let me know in the comments!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Tendu Talk! In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I’ve been listening to a lot of the songs from the musical Finian’s Rainbow. Here’s a Youtube montage from the Broadway revival.  Hope your day is filled with lots of good luck!

Movie Musicals Throughout the Decades!


Movie musicals have always been my favorite type of movie. Love, romance, conflict, and lots of singing and dancing, a good movie musical has it all!
And there have been a variety of these musicals produced over the years, from the showstopping Singin’ in the Rain to the intense Phantom of the Opera.

When did your favorite movie musical premiere?  Check out my timeline here to see movie musicals throughout the years!


*Information for Timeline from IMDB



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Where Should I Go See a Broadway Show?

From Wikimedia Commons

From Wikimedia Commons

NYC is a fabulous city, and when you take your trip to the Big Apple, it’s imperative that you go see a Broadway show!

But Broadway theaters are located all over the city.   Which one is closest to your hotel?

Click on my handy map here to show you where to go for several of your favorite Broadway shows!  For all of you dancers, I also included the choreographers of each show, so you can brush up on your behind-the-scenes information before you go!

And for everyone new to NYC, remember you can score great discount tickets at the TKTS booth in Times Square!

Happy travels in NYC!


*Information for map from Broadway.com


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A Whole New…Musical!

Disney’s Aladdin is coming to Broadway! The 1992 classic is my favorite Disney movie ever, so I can’t wait to see it!

Previews for the show start February 26th in NYC. Check out the recently posted “First Look” to see the gorgeous costumes!

Ice Dancing


Image from Wikimedia Commons


For me, it takes an olympic-sized feat just to walk on ice skates, so I’m always very impressed with the ice dancing in the winter olympics.  It has so many parallels to dancing off the ice- the dancers need precise technique, grace, poise, performance quality, and a connection to their partner. 

Are you watching ice dancing right now?  What’s your favorite routine?  Let me know!

5 Reasons Why Center Stage is My Favorite Dance Movie

Pointe shoes

It’s been almost 14 years since Center Stage hit theaters in the year 2000.

The popular movie starred ballet dancer Amanda Schull as Jody Sawyer, a ballerina who is accepted into the prestigious summer intensive of the American Ballet Academy.  She joins a group of other ballerinas, all working anxiously toward a spectacular end-of-the-year performance, where they hope to be noticed and hired by the American Ballet Company.

Things get complicated for Jody when she meets Cooper Nielsen (Ethan Stiefel), an arrogant principal dancer with ABC, who has just returned to the company after facing romantic problems.  Jody finds friendship with several other students, including tough ballerina Eva (Zoe Saldana), the cute and talented Charlie (Sascha Radetsky), fun and confident Erik (Shakiem Evans), and darling diva Maureen (Susan May Pratt).  Together, Jody and her friends try to overcome the harsh ballet world and find their place in the spotlight.

Here are five reasons why Center Stage is still one of my favorite dance movies.

5. The Realities

It’s a tough life for a professional dancer.  One of the reasons I love this movie so much is that it accurately portrays the harsh realities of the ballet world.  Between Emily’s body criticism, Jody’s constant struggle with her technique, and Erik’s traumatic injury, Center Stage shows the reality of a dancer’s life very truthfully.

4. Real Dancers

Ethan Stiefel performed for New York City Ballet , Amanda Schull danced with Pacific Northwest Ballet, and Sascha Radetsky danced with American Ballet Theater.  The audience could see that these hard-working dancers were actually performing, which made for some killer choreography scenes!

3. The leading men

Ethan Stiefel and Sasha Radetsky became everyone’s ballet crush after this movie.  They’re cute, strong, and can execute double tours and switch leaps on the spot.  Who could ask for more?

2. The Jazz Class

As a “jazzerina,” the jazz class in this movie has always been one of my favorite scenes.  I’ve been trying in vain for years to learn that insanely fun combination to “Higher Ground.”  Someday!

1. The Final Performance (Cooper Nielsen’s Ballet)

The final performance in this movie is insane.  It’s action-packed, completely over-the-top, and incredibly awesome!  This piece has everything- two second costume changes, fire-red pointe shoes, a real motorcycle, a love triangle, flawless fouettè turns, and the awesome music of Michael Jackson, Jamiroquai, and more.  It’s totally unrealistic for a stage piece, but who cares?  It’s the epic-ness of this final routine that makes Center Stage one of my favorite dance movies ever.


IMDB.  Check out the IMDB page for Center Stage here.



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